Hello, I'm Priya, a.k.a. the artist of Vegan Artbook MILD, SPICY, HOTVEGventures, Pupa Vegan RED and PURPLE, and the founder of this shop. Pupa is my small webshop that sells organic, fair and eco-friendly vegan merchandise, all designed and made with love by Pupa (me). All of the unique products are made in Holland and its profit goes to several charities that rescue animals, such as Pupa's micro sanctuary, and to spreading the vegan message though my vegan comic & art projects.

All of the products and designs on my website are made by myself (with a few exceptions made by my vegan friends). I enjoy making people happy with my products. Every little keychain, every t-shirt and every pillow is (hand)made with love. I'm trying to provide the best quality I can, because I want people to enjoy the things I make as long as possible. Buying the products in this shop is an alternative to donating directly to my animal sanctuary. Because if you can get awesome, fairtrade stuff in exchange for helping animals and the planet... then hey, why not, right? That's feeding 2 birds with one scone!

Pupa's clothing is made of high-quality materials so you can enjoy your purchase for many years. My tablewear is made of the highest quality of vegan porcelain and even my books have the best paper quality available. All of the products are stored in a smoke-free environment. Items like books will arrive in an unique type of decorated wrapping paper, designed by myself, and keychains and pins will arrive in the cutest paper packing you've ever seen! 

Fairtrade & vegan
All of my products are free from animal ingredients and slave labour because I think that, when bringing a product on the market, all parties involved should be treated with respect. Therefore all of my products are vegan and fairtrade approved. While it is impossible for people to completely avoid the bulk of slave labour produced products in their daily lives, it is important that we keep protesting against (child) slave labour through (online) petitions. Thankfully an increasing amount of people is already doing this, so more Western companies have already improved the working conditions of workers and their wages. If you think that my products are pricy, please remember that this is because parents are paid a fair wage so their children don't have to work, but can go to school instead. By purchasing products from responsible companies with the fairtrade label, you are helping these people.

Most of Pupa's products are eco-friendly (especially the clothes) because I care about you and your skin. Most of the clothes are made of organic cotton, but I also have some made out of bamboo, tencel and other sustainable plant materials. My books are always made of recycled or FSC-approved paper, so you can make sure that no forests have been cut down for its paper. I'm currently also testing more environmentally-friendly inks for them, like soybased ink. More info coming soon. I also avoid using plastic, and will only do so if it's "second hand plastic" (meaning plastic from bankrupt companies who throw it away, such as bubble wrap envelopes). Please recycle this to help the environment. The packing material I design myself (like wrapping paper) are always made of 100% recycled, or environmentally-friendly paper, bamboo or other sustainable materials. 

Made with love
All of Pupa's unique designs are based on drawings created by me. In my free time, I draw them with love and passion in the defence of animals and the earth. Pupa's products are self-published, produced in small quantities, and therefore often have limited stock. They are only available though Pupa's websiteEtsy shop or other pages run by me.


I have a small non-profit animal sanctuary in the Netherlands called Pupa's Sanctuary. I take in neglected, dumped and abused animals and give them a permanent place to grow old and happy here. At the moment I take in small animals (rabbits, rodents, birds, chicken etc), dogs, ferrets etc. and sustain all of them with my charity webshop Pupa, and my other job, and some donations every once in a while. In the future, I'd like to take in farm animals in need as well, but my current location doesn't allow that. I really enjoy doing this: giving these poor animals a second chance in life. Soon Pupa's sanctuary will be an official non-profit charity on paper. I'm just getting started, but I hope that it will grow enough for me to buy a farm, so I'll have the space to take in more animals who need help. 

By buying from this shop, you support the animals in Pupa's sanctuary. You can also make a direct donation, either a one-time donation, or a monthly donation. For more info about direct donations, please visit the donation page by clicking HERE.


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Shopping with a clear conscience! Pupa is a small webshop that sells organic, fair and eco-friendly vegan merchandise, all designed and made with love by Pupa. All of the unique products are made in The Netherlands.

By purchasing, you help support the animals in Pupa's sanctuary.

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